Halal Nail Polish - A Beautiful Muslim Brand For Women

Many years ago, halal nail polish was only available in stores owned by Muslims. Now it is easier than ever to find it and purchase your own bottles. There are now online websites that sell not only traditional Muslim nail polishes but also ones that are more colorful and even some that are made specifically for non-Muslims. If you are of the Islamic faith, you have probably been told not to wear nail polish because it is used to represent the devil and is considered to be a form of vanity for the evil eye. But now you can wear Muslim nail polish and feel more like a Muslim lady. Read through this page to find out more about Muslim nail polish.

Although there are not many options in the marketplace for Muslim-made products, there is a growing trend toward purchasing products that are more environmentally-friendly. With the advent of breathable, chubby nail polish that lets fresh oxygen and molecules through while keeping dirt out, Muslim women now also have softer alternatives and even these, the most popular halal nail polish brand names, work wonderfully for non-Muslims' nails. Just like typical nail polish, there are no artificial preservatives, colorings, or dyes. The ingredients are plant-based oils like henna, essential oils from plants like jojoba, nutmeg, sesame, and coconut, and essential amino acids that help moisturize and nourish.

One of the reasons that many traditionalists are opposed to using "fake" vegan products is that they use ingredients that may be derived from animals. If the ingredients are derived from animals, these strict Islamic principles forbid using them in any form. Some traditionalists argue that even if the ingredients are not derived from animals, these products may still be considered animal products since they contain traces of blood, which is seen as acceptable in accordance with Islamic Sharia law. Although it is not clear how much effect halal nail polish has on whether or not these arguments hold water, Muslim fashion experts point out that even cosmetic or health food products that are manufactured using animal products still need to pass strict Islamic standards.

For those who are not strictly Muslim, but who consider themselves devoutly Muslim, but who want to follow Islamic beauty traditions, there is another option available. This brand was created by a Canadian entrepreneur whom you likely know better than Mike Wright. He wanted to create a product that would conform to Muslim beliefs about beauty, but he did not want to violate the rest of his conscience. So, he experimented with creating an all-halal option. There are only a handful of brands that are primarily halal, but because of the increasing demand, more salons and other beauty centers are now offering this option to their customers. For those who are not practicing Muslims, and who choose to wear the customary Muslim clothing (with no facial coverings), they can choose to buy traditional Muslim clothes made from fabrics that are 100% certified to be Halal. You can get the best of the halal nail polish at the 786 Cosmetics.

Although you will notice that most of the products in the US, Europe, and Canada are not Halal approved, there are a few exceptions. The Swedish brand H&M for example, offers a variety of "halal" clothes. Their clothing line is Halal certified, and is also one of the most popular brands on the entire planet. In addition, there are some countries around the world that recognize Muslim culture and allow Muslim women to wear long, elegant, and beautiful Muslim clothing styles that are Halal friendly.

Whatever your choice, it is important to note that all Muslim-made nail polish is Halal approved, and may be purchased at any major retailer such as Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart, and even the manufacturer's website. There are also websites and stores that specialize only in Muslim fashion and accessories. If you choose to purchase online, you will probably find the same varieties that are available at any retailer, including those that are Halal-certified, but with more variety and lower prices. Regardless of what you buy, you are sure to impress others with the beautiful style you choose. You can also read more on artificial nails at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artificial_nails.

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